Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mary Kay Botanicals

Now available from Mary Kay here in the US is their new Botanicals line. These products will eventually replace their Classic line (except for the Blemish Control Toner 3) and possibly the Velocity line. The line comes in 3 skin type formulas - oily, normal, and dry.  These products contain no mineral oil or silicone oils for those who are sensitive to those particular oils.  Each formula does have different plant oils for each skin type.

Formula 1 is for dry skin types. I'm a combo skin type person, so I wouldn't use this formula personally.

Formula 2 is for normal skin types.  I'll be giving these a test run later when I run out of my current Timewise skincare which is a combination of the Normal/Oily and Normal/Dry items. I may also switch my pre-teen to this line as she's not oily enough for the Velocity line, in my opinion.

Formula 3 are for oily skin type.

I've included pics of the ingredients list of all the items for your reference because I'm too lazy to re-type them all out.

Hope the ingredient lists help all of you who currently use the Mary Kay Classic line and are contemplating a switch or for anyone contemplating switching from you current botanical line to Mary Kay's.  As always, contact your local Mary Kay consultant or check out my Mary Kay page.

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