Monday, March 5, 2012

Sneak Peek at Mary Kay Spring 2012

My director had most, but not all of the new spring color line in, so we got to swatch them on a "smear" sheet tonight.

The 2 limited edition (LE) eyeshadows come in a click pen, much like the old Stila eyeshadow pens to name a line that had the same delivery system. I'm looking forward to getting Rainforest since it's a duochrome brown & green shade that reminds me of MAC's Club eyeshadow.  Pearl is a pretty gold color.

The 2 LE glosses come in squeeze tubes that have an outer layer for the clear and an inner one for the color. We had a little issue in getting the color out of the Shimmering Sand lip gloss tube, but what I could get looked like a muted sheer nude color which would be nice with smokier eyes. The Warm Coral lip gloss and the Lava nail polish are right in line for the "it" color for spring which is supposedly tangerine.

The spring LE nail polishes have a nice taller, almost hourglass shape design unlike the squatter design of the winter LE nail polish bottles.

We get to order these within a week, so I'll be adding some for my personal use and stock. As shown in the previous post, I've already have the new Botanical skin care items in stock. As always, contact your local Mary Kay consultant or myself at the link on the right sidebar.