Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Inglot

Oops! I totally forgot I had this in my draft folder for awhile. I hit the Inglot counter at SF Macy's one day & they actually had everything I was thinking of getting in stock, which is a rarity. I guess that because they have to import it from Poland (via New York? need to check), they aren't always stocked up.

I'll post the shadow numbers later when I find my cheat sheet that I created while I put the pans into the palette, but I can tell you that the item on the left is their gel liner in matte black (no. 77).  Definitely more pigmented than MAC's gel liner in Black Track, but it doesn't survive a 24 Lift class at 24 Hour Fitness as well as MAC.  And I've tested it a few times!

Swatches on my arm in natural light next to a window, no flash.

A comparison pic with my first Inglot palette.

Based on a YouTube guru's first impression-type video where she gushed about this gloss, I got it. Unfortunately, the day after I got this, she posted a video saying that this gloss doesn't last & the duochrome finish doesn't translate from the tube (or back of hand swatch) to the lips. :P

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mary Kay 2012 Fall Holiday new products

I've been behind on both my knitting and make-up blogs, but real life gets busy when you have 2 kids.

I'm looking forward to getting a few of the 2012 Fall & Holiday items from Mary Kay. They'll make cute gifts for some of my family members and friends.

The gel liners (finally!) come with a retractable eye liner brush (synthetic bristles but rounded instead of straight across or angled :p) and apply matte, especially the black. The teal is quite pretty & not a color I have in other brands surprisingly.

Hopefully I will post more, especially in my knitting blog as I do have some finished items that I need to post.